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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Detox Foot Patches - Part of the Path to Total Well-Being

Natural remedies are being turned to more and more in our day, and there's a little known one that should be considered when thinking of detoxification. But first, let's talk about the very thought of why we would need to detoxify.

Let's face it, we live in an incredibly toxic environment. There's hardly anything that you can pick up quick that isn't going to harm your body in one way or another. Even our vegetables must be washed thoroughly because of all of the toxins used to keep bugs away.

All of these toxins are flooding our bloodstream. Then our cleansing organs; the liver, kidneys and colon, all work overtime trying to keep up with how poorly we treat ourselves and all of this sludge that we put in our bellies. These toxins have got to come out if we're to maintain any semblance of total body health. This is where detox foot patches come into play.

You may have heard of these and dismissed it because at first glance, they can sound a bit strange. Some will respond, "You want me to put that thing on my foot and gunk will come out?" It seems odd. But it's for real, and it should certainly be given a good look and consideration.

You see, these foot patches have been used in Asia for a very long time. There's no fancy chemicals and no bizarre things going into your body. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Asian medicine focuses on prevention, and not simply treatment. They're masters and well-being and overall wellness. These detox pads are simply one of the many ways that they've found to keep garbage filtered out of our bodies, and aid our body's natural healing process.

The patch has natural herbs and minerals inside, and are placed on the feet during the night while you sleep. These herbs then work to draw things out of the body. They pull out excess fluids, toxins and waste, and you'll find a rather gross layer of sludge on them when you wake in the morning. It's no magic trick, all of that just came out of your body. And if you think about it, all of that junk you're looking at on the detox patch will no longer have to float in your blood stream and be filtered out by your liver and kidneys.

A side bonus to these is that some have even found great relief in joint inflammation when placed on aching areas of their body in the night. Some have even described this as a total transformation of their pain and struggle.

We know that it's true that many of us live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. We watch a good amount of TV, we sit a lot, and we're not always on the move. We've got to help our bodies along with getting rid of things that would have been purged through our sweat glands had we been working out in the heat of the sun on a farm.

When you buy detox patches for you feet, you'll be giving your body an extra boost of help that it'll will surely thank you for in the long run. You'll also be setting yourself on a path toward total body wellness.

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